Friday, January 14, 2011

Scottoiler repair and a new light

The Scottoiler was fitted to my bike when I got it and after 11,000 km I have never had to touch the chain.  I didn't like the way the outlet met the chain though.  It always needed adjusting.  I checked out the Scottoiler site ( and saw they had a new method for fixing the end piece on, so ordered some new tube and the end piece, which now looks like this and is far more rigid:

I also installed the Givi V46 interior light kit for the top box:

It has a lid switch plus you can manually turn it on and off.  It had to be assembled, which was fiddly and a right pain!

Some videos

This first one is some guy doing a track day on a 1250N Bandit.  He's certainly not messing about and that's the place to do higher speed stuff..  Good to see a Bandit being used hard without being foolish.

This second one is someone going for a ride through what I am told is Brazil.  It almost ends badly with some idiot nearly hitting him head on.  Both videos make me want to get a helmet cam and take some NZ footage for posting on Youtube.

Hmm....I think I shall do some helmet cam research

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New brake pads

I did my 18,000 km service the other day and thought I'd check the brake pads.  They were about half worn.  I wasn't that impressed with the pads, so checked Dale Walker's site (  He recommends Ferodo pads: sintered on the front for good bite, and platinum on the rear for a softer initial application.  I trust him, so that's what I went for.

The part numbers are:

Sintered FrontPart No. FDB-574-ST
Platinum RearPart No. FDB-754-P

They are easy to replace and I took the opportunity to replace the fluid and bleed the brakes (bought a basic brake bleeder kit which made it easier).

The fronts definitely bite harder and stop better.  The rear seems fine as well, and they were a good choice:

Monday, January 3, 2011

Helped a fellow Bandit rider

A friend has a blue K8 tourer, and I spent a happy afternoon showing him how to do the air filter, plugs, oil and air filter, lube the chain and general maintenance on his one.  He was happy, I was entertained, and a good day was had by all.

Great chain lube

I discovered this the other day.  Most chain lube leaves some residue on the wheel etc.  This stuff dries to a waxy teflon film which doesn't attract dust.  Great on linkages etc and really good on the chain.  Not cheap at $32NZD a can, but lasts ages and I use it on all sorts of things.  Good stuff.