Monday, September 26, 2011

Steering head and other linkages

Just checked the steering head bearings and they feel quite loose.  People are reporting a distinct lack of grease in the linkages and bearings on the steering head and rear shock/swingarm, so the lot's coming off to be checked and greased.

Have spent a happy hour or so this afternoon taking off the front fairing, and quite like the look.  I dropped the front wheel and lowered the steering head and got some grease into it.  Fairly straight forward, albeit timeconsuming.  The bearings were fine with adequate grease, but the steering head was quite loose.  I used the opportunity to clean it to within an inch of its life and check and lube everything and wax all the coated surfaces.

Looks like new!

Iridium plugs and BMC filter

I have heard good things about Iridium plugs, but they are about NZ$27 dollars each and too expensive.  Well, Ebay sorted that with a set for NZ$53 delivered, and I fitted them today.  I doubt I will feel any difference, but they won't need replacing for a long time.

The NGK part is CR7EIX

I also have a BMC filter fitted, so gave that a clean and a re-oil using the BMC cleaning kit.  Very much like a K and N.  Despite daily riding and an opened airbox, very clean.

PAIR removal

I had the PAIR line blocked at the union between the PAIR and airbox to eliminate decel popping from the Yoshi TRS exhaust.  I decided to go the whole hog, so bought a PAIR blockoff kit from Metrick Metal (  This comes with a pair of nicely polished blanking plates, fasteners and a resistor to replace the solenoid.  This pic is of the Metrick Metal kit, which is nicely made.

The biggest challenge was undoing the allen head bolts on the PAIR covers.  Hard to get to and I ended up cutting down an allen key to get access.

The best bit is it tidies up the top of the engine and makes plug changes and removing the cam cover far easier.