Tuesday, February 28, 2012

R&G Exhaust protector for Yoshimura TRS

Having smashed up my last Yoshi as the result of my crash, I thought it was worth protecting this one.  I got this R&G protector off EBay from an outfit called "Demon Tweeks" in the UK.  Arrived promptly, fits well and looks good.  Hopefully I won't have to test it.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Suzuki GSF1250 Seat Cowl

Just scored this through the good folks at Leesons (www.leesonsmotors.com).  Part number is  990D0-17HSC-YHL.

Easy fit and it replaces the rear seat (it's not a cover over the existing one).

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Exhaust hanger washer

Bling, but looks good.  The extension is so I can clear my Givi V35 hard bags as the Yoshi TRS sits a little higher than stock.  The washer is made by Metrick metal (www.metrickmetal.com).

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Accessories for the GSF1250 Bandit

I thought I'd consolidate the parts list for the bike.  I have sourced a lot through EBay, but it helps if you have the Suzuki part number so you can Google search the cheapest price for the best location near you.

If you want the same setup as me, and your bike to look like the one below, you need this lot.

  1.  Factory lower fairing  - part number 990D0-18H20-YHL – http://www.leesonsmotors.com/
  2. Oxford Sport Heated Grips - http://www.oxprod.com/index.php?pg=3&action=dept&id=137&pid=384&p
  3. Scottoiler  - http://www.scottoiler.com/
  4. Hugger - http://www.holeshot.com/Bandit_1250/1250hugger.html
  5. Yoshimura TRS  - http://www.yoshimura-rd.com/ps-3298-1236-trs-stainlessstainless-slip-on.aspx
  6. Givi V46 top box with brake light kit, internal light and colour matched lid - http://www.givi.it/cases/monokey/V46 (box), http://www.givi.it/cases/optionals/C46-- (Givi V46R301 red cover), Givi FZ539 rack with M5 monokey plate
  7. Givi V35 side panniers with colour matched inserts part number 990D0-V35SC-YHL.  The stickers to replace the Givi labels on all three boxes are part number: 990D0-V35SC-LOG,  The mounting racks are Givi PLX539
  8. Heel guards Suzuki part number 990A0-64043 (http://www.suzukicycles.com/Product%20Lines/cycles/Products/Bandit%201250S/2009/GSF1250SA/Accessories/Custom%20Trim/990A0-64043.aspx?Style=&CategoryId=1)
  9. Yoke protector – (http://www.powerbronzeaustralia.com/2034420/2034176/831899/YOKE-PROTECTOR---SUZUKI-GSF1200-BANDIT-06/SUZUKI-GSF1250-BANDIT-07-12---CARBON-FIBRE.item)
  10.  BMC air filter part number FM294/02 (www.bmcairfilters.com)  
  11. Rear seat cowl part number 990D0-17HSC-YHL
  12. Rad Guard radiator guard (http://www.radguard.com.au/suzuki-bandit-1250-fa-2010-2012-fully-faired-model/)
  13. GiPro TRE and gear position indicator  (http://www.healtech-electronics.com/)
  14. Stebel Nautilus air horn (http://www.stebel.it/stebel2009/products.asp?IDserie=6&;)
  15. MRA Vario Touring screen (Suzuki genuine) - http://www.twistedthrottle.com/trade/productview/1782/584/
  16. Fender Extender (www.holeshot.com)
  17. SW Motech Mirror extenders  (http://www.twistedthrottle.com/trade/productview/2526/)
  18. 12V accessory power socket (marine, stainless, waterproof) - http://www.iboats.com/SeaDog-Deluxe-Power-Socket-12V/dm/cart_id.262637500--session_id.638597624--view_id.39777
  19. Ventura light guard part number VP073 (http://www.ventura-bike.com/fitments.aspx?modelid=1071)
  20.  Keiti tank protector ( http:// www.keiti.com)
  21. Narva Platinum headlight bulbs (http://www.narva.com.au)
  22. LED park lights - (http://ledbulbs.co.nz/one-watt-led-park-lights-p-31.html?osCsid=7795f1a249d501629df9754d35c79bd4)
  23. Indicator blanking plates  (EBay)
  24.  Dale Walker Stage 2 – TFI, Airbox mod, O2 sensor eliminator, secondaries removed (http://www.holeshot.com)
  25. Yoshimura reservoir covers (http://www.yoshimura-rd.com/ps-3642-1286-yoshimura-reservoir-cover-kit.aspx)
  26.  Suzuki gel seat – part number 990A0-31000 – (http://www.suzukicycles.com/Product%20Lines/cycles/Products/Bandit%201250S/2009/GSF1250SA/Accessories/Gel%20Seats/990A0-31000.aspx?Style=&CategoryId=1)
  27.  LED integrated taillight - http://www.ebay.com/itm/LED-Integrated-Taillight-Bandit-GSF-1250-07-08-09-2010-/220624089714?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr&hash=item335e387272#ht_2397wt_716
  28. Pazzo style adjustable levers – (Ebay)
  29. Regulator relocation kit (www.metrickmetal.com)
  30.  PAIR removal kit (www.metrickmetal.com)
  31. Sliders (for lower faired model) – (www.gsg-mototechnik.de or http://www.whaccessories.com/Suzuki-Sliders-GSF-1250-Bandit-OEM-Lowers.htm)
  32. Fork brace – Dale Walker manufactured – (www.holeshot.com

Friday, February 24, 2012


I bought a Triboseat the other day.  First lesson - won't fit with the Suzuki Gel seat - only the factory seat.  Not too worried as I have both, so if I take my wife anywhere, she'll have the Triboseat under her.  Nicely made product and stops all of the passenger slide

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

GSG Moto Crash knobs

Here's the instal of my replacement GSG moto crash knob, which is made in Germany for the GSF1250 with the lower fairing.  (http://www.gsg-mototechnik.de/)  One side was trashed after my crash. but I guess the fact I am able to ride my bike again means it did its job.  A nice product and good service from them.

The knobs are joined by a thick pipe as well as frame mounted.

The crash knob has a push on cover that is replaceable

The plate was bent from the crash, but in bending, it absorbed impact forces that would have otherwise damaged the bike

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Holeshot Fork Brace

Motorcycle News recently did an article on hotting up the the GSX1250FA (http://www.sportrider.com/bikes/146_1201_project_suzuki_gsx1250fa/viewall.html)

The parts to do it came from Dale Walker (www.holeshot.com) and I bought from him the fork brace that had been used on the test bike.  Easy to fit, just twist and lift the fork protectors, cut them up the back and remove, and fit the brace.

Much more planted and stable in the front end now.