Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sargent low seat on GSF1250

For some time I have had the Suzuki OEM gel seat on the bike.  It's better than the hell plank that is stock, but after an hour or so I still get sore.  The gel seat is firmer, but I find the edges attack the inner thighs after a while.

Here's the standard gel seat.  Much heavier than stock, but a fairly similar shape.  Better, but not a lot better. 

I managed to get a really good deal on a used (barely) Sargent low seat number WS-569.  I wanted the low as I had seen a lot of negative feedback from Bandit owners who felt the standard was too high.  This low seat is the same height as the OEM seat in low position.

First impressions:  much flatter and narrower in the front and cushier.  Edges where they contact the inner thighs are rounded. Supports the sit bones well.  Nice carbon fibre effect cover material. Bigger gap between seat and tank (no paint rubbing). One piece with a custom base with a cunning storage pocket in it (nice). Has a rubber cover on the rear edge for the accessory backrest. Very well made.  On a one hour ride it felt good.  OEM 3/10, Gel 5/10, Sargent low 7.5/10 (for my backside - your results may differ).  Recommended. images below

Zero Gravity Screen on a GSF1250

I have had the OEM Suzuki touring screen on for years and felt like a change (here it is)

I managed to get a good deal on the smoked Zero Gravity screen.  Much taller than the Suzuki screen, and it puts a little more air at the top of the helmet (I am 6' or 183 cm).  It looks really nice on the bike too.  Follows the lines well, and I think I will keep it on.