Saturday, October 9, 2010

New GSR750

This is similar to the GSR600.  A detuned GSXR750 in a naked frame. Very nice

Saturday, October 2, 2010

GSXR coloured Bandit Heritage(check the video)

Now this is better than the usual single coloured ones.  I did like the white one shown below, the the blue and white looks sharp.  I checked out a bright yellow M109R today, and that looked quite good.  I must admit the colour scheme for the new GSX1250FA models leaves me cold.  Silver, black and blue.......

Come on Suzuki, give us some better schemes!

Bandit 1250 GT official video

OK, so it's not in English, but bikes don't speak.

Friday, October 1, 2010


I really want to make the bike stand out when commuting.  Too many SMIDSY's out there ("sorry mate, I didn't see ya").

I put some Narva Platinum H7 bulbs in.  They are a "whiter" light.  I don't think they make me see any better, but the light is more distinctive.  I also removed the small park lights either side of the headlight and replaced them with 1 watt LEDs.  They draw only 20% of the current of the bulbs they replace, but are extremely bright - almost a blue white.  I got them from:

I added some bikevis bullet lights under the fairing lower edge at the front.  They are very bright for their size.  The 4 LEDs add a "square" of light around the headlight, making it stand out a little more whilst keeping current draw minimal

Do they work?  They get noticed and cars move out of the way for me more.

Sunshine at last

Finally, a sunny day.  Got out over to the Wairarapa, which takes me over the Rimutakas.  A winding, mountainous road just made for bikes.  Got to test the gel seat for a longer ride (almost 4 hrs) and it's a lot better than the standard one.  Doesn't crush down (no pies jokes, please), and I seem to sit more "in" it than "on" it.

The Bandit rode well.  Can't fault it really.

Looks like a lot of people dusted off their bikes this morning.  The Harley crew were all out in their open face helmets and black Harley uniforms.  The sports bike riders were ignoring "no passing lines", and there were a few aggressive car driver out there too.  I just wish some bike riders would be a touch more sensible, (not overtaking on blind corners over "no passing" lines might be a start) as one day we will be facing even stricter regulation of our ability to ride.

and this is where I rode it