Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fitting barbacks to the GSF1250 Bandit

Some time ago I decided to fit DL1000 hand guards to the Bandit (see my previous post at:  On the standard bars they touch the fairing at full lock, and a drop would cause a lot of damage.  I tried home made spacers to raise the bars, but the problem remained, so I decided barbacks were in order.

The ones I managed to obtain are available from Twisted Throttle:

These increase height by 25mm (1") and move the bars back the same amount, providing an overall bar displacement of 35.4mm (1.4") at a 45 degree angle from the OEM setup.

They fit perfectly and match the OEM silver paint, but my bike is the ABS model and the top brake line was too short.  I had a new one made up locally (braided), and had them install the OEM rubber cover from the OEM brake line onto it for a factory look.  The clutch line and wiring and other cables are all long enough.  The result it a natural riding position, a lot more comfortable, and the DL1000 guards clear the fairing with no issues.  I used the OEM chrome buttons to cover the screw heads.  Very happy with the result.