Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kisantech flashingbrake light

I ride a lot in heavy traffic, and there's a lot of dozy cage drivers with cell phones, eating and generally not paying attention. NZ has just changed the legislation allowing overseas approved brake light systems, so I splashed out and bought a Kisantech bulb for the taillight. It has flasher circuitry in the bulb base, which simply replaces the taillight bulb. The light unit is replaceable, and the unit comes with a spare (I didn't realise so ended up with 2 spares).

A minute to instal, and it starts off with a frenzied flash, slows and then stays on as per normal so you aren't pissing people off stopped at the lights. I like it. It's a shame NZ doesn't allow headlight modulators,as I'd get one if I could.

The site is:

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Replacing the front discs

 I have noticed more and more vibration on braking, to the extent the mirrors shake.  I could feel a high spot on the disc pulsing under braking, but nothing was obvious.  I checked the torque on the fasteners, but all was good.  Quality replacement discs are NZD$488 EACH!!!!, and I managed to get a 3,000 mile set from EBay for USD $119.  A good quality allen head socket, and half an hour later all done, loctited on and re-torqued.  Perfect brakes again.  I didn't realise how bad they were until the problem was sorted.