Saturday, June 8, 2013

LED lights on GSF1250 forks

I wanted to improve my conspicuity so bought some 500 Lumen small LED spots from Jaycar.  They are diecast aluminium body, anodised polyester powder coat, 316 grade stainless fittings, lexan lens, IP68 rating (dust and water proof) and UV shielding.  They are shock proof with a 50,000 hour life, run from -40 degrees C to 60 degrees and only draw about 0.3A each.

The light output is amazing for such a small lamp, and is supposedly equivalent to a 35W halogen.  The beam distance is 145 metres.

I have them mounted on some modified fairing brackets off the top brake caliper mounting bolts, and have them wired via an accessory light switch on the bars.  I mainly use them as daylight running lights, but they are surprisingly good as an additional headlight at night.

With the triangle of light coming down the road, the bike is VERY conspicuous.

The link is: