Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bandit recall

The following notice has just hit the UK boards.  I have contacted Suzuki NZ to see if it applies here.  They came back to me and said an NZ recall would occur soon.  (And since writing this I have had it fixed for nothing, so all is well with the world)

If you’ve bought a Suzuki motorcycle in the past few years, you might want to check out the list for the Japanese company’s latest motorcycle recall. Affecting 73,426 motorcycles from various product lines and model years (2008-2010), Suzuki has discovered a faulty electrical rectifier/regulator in its design that needs replacing.
According to the recall, rectifiers/regulators on bikes built between July 2007 and September 2009 have an inadequate amount of adhesion between the power module and the case, which results in the unit not sufficiently being cooled by its heat sink (affected Suzuki part numbers are: 32800-41F11, 32800-15H10, 32800-05H11, 32800-41G10, 32800-15H00, 32800-18H00, 32800-05G10, 32800-10G10, 32800-05H20, OR 32800-06G01). As a result the unit’s circuit board could warp, and become dislodged from its casing.
Should the rectifier/regulator start malfunctioning because of this condition, the motorcycle would improperly charge its electrical system, likely draining the battery, and possibly causing the motorcycle to stall. Suzuki will notify owners affected by the issue, and a Suzuki distributor will replace the affected part for free. The recall is expected to take place March 2, 2011, the affected models are listed below. Concerned Suzuki owners can contact Suzuki 1-714-996-7040, and as always the NHTSA is available at 1-888-327-4236 or at the website.
Affected ModelAffected Model Year
Suzuki / AN4002008-2009
Suzuki / DL10002008-2009
Suzuki / GSF12502008-2009
Suzuki / GSX-R6002008-2009
Suzuki / GSX-R7502008-2009
Suzuki / GSX1300B2008
Suzuki / GSX1300R2008-2010
Suzuki / GSX650F2008-2009
Suzuki / SFV6502009-2010
Suzuki / VL8002008-2010
Suzuki / VLR18002008-2009
Suzuki / VZ15002009-2010
Source: NHTSA


  1. Someone in Belgium got a letter from suzuki recently to peplace under warranty.
    Is there an new recall in 2016 ?

    rudy vermeiren

  2. Sorry, wrong e-mail in post above