Sunday, April 24, 2011

Removed the secondaries

Today I removed the secondary butterflies from the throttle bodies, opened up the airbox completely and re-set the TFI to Dale Walker's Stage II settings.  What a difference - completely smooth, spools up and down faster, better throttle response and feels like it should.

Stage 2 is the TFI, secondaries removed, PAIR plugged, BMC filter, Yoshi TRS, airbox opened right up and O2 sensor bypass.  Wow.

I haven't dynoed it, but Dale's extensive work shows the chart below.  The bike should be producing around 122 hp and 92.4 ft-lbs of torque.  Big fat gains right through the range and it feels it.  Max torque kicks in at 6,000 rpm.  At 5,000 rpm, that's 90 ft-lb, which is better than a B King at those revs.


  1. I see you have the Givi bags. I just installed a set on my 09 Bandit but the wires on the turn signals are too short now that they are re-located. Did you have to buy extensions or just make your own?

  2. Hi John

    Don't run the leads through the indicator holes. I ran them through the space under the taillight, which is where Suzuki run them when they fit their racks. There's enough length without modifying them. I'll post up some pics.