Sunday, October 23, 2011

Holeshot headers

I installed a set of Holeshot headers made by Dale Walker ( on a friend's K9 Bandit.  Also installed a TFI, K and N, removed the airbox back, removed the secondaries to make it a stage III setup.  The headers are a lot lighter than standard and a lovely piece of kit. Great welds and a perfect fit.  He has the factory lower fairing and a bit of surgery may be needed there as the headers come out further than stock.  He's also got a Racefit Growler fitted.  The bike makes a deep growl now!   He's a very happy camper. (And he had it dynoed and it gave 130.8 hp and was very happy) 


  1. Is there any video of the bloke's bike?

  2. No, sorry. He has done over 60,000 km since and is very happy with it