Tuesday, February 14, 2012

GSG Moto Crash knobs

Here's the instal of my replacement GSG moto crash knob, which is made in Germany for the GSF1250 with the lower fairing.  (http://www.gsg-mototechnik.de/)  One side was trashed after my crash. but I guess the fact I am able to ride my bike again means it did its job.  A nice product and good service from them.

The knobs are joined by a thick pipe as well as frame mounted.

The crash knob has a push on cover that is replaceable

The plate was bent from the crash, but in bending, it absorbed impact forces that would have otherwise damaged the bike


  1. So, the only damage you had during the crash with the first set of these frame sliders on was only a broken handlebar? No damage whatsoever to the fairings? If so then these sliders are a MUST have.

  2. How do you find these crash knobs, and do you have an opinion about comparison with R-G Racing knobs

  3. Damage was extensive as while the bike was initially protected, it slid along until the slider was impacted at right angles by the kerb and sheared off. Best benefit is on a track where there's not much to hit, or a low speed or stationary drop. I haven't seen R&G sliders to compare