Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fitting barbacks to the GSF1250 Bandit

Some time ago I decided to fit DL1000 hand guards to the Bandit (see my previous post at:  On the standard bars they touch the fairing at full lock, and a drop would cause a lot of damage.  I tried home made spacers to raise the bars, but the problem remained, so I decided barbacks were in order.

The ones I managed to obtain are available from Twisted Throttle:

These increase height by 25mm (1") and move the bars back the same amount, providing an overall bar displacement of 35.4mm (1.4") at a 45 degree angle from the OEM setup.

They fit perfectly and match the OEM silver paint, but my bike is the ABS model and the top brake line was too short.  I had a new one made up locally (braided), and had them install the OEM rubber cover from the OEM brake line onto it for a factory look.  The clutch line and wiring and other cables are all long enough.  The result it a natural riding position, a lot more comfortable, and the DL1000 guards clear the fairing with no issues.  I used the OEM chrome buttons to cover the screw heads.  Very happy with the result.


  1. I am also going to install barbacks on my bike. What was the length of the brake hose you installed?

  2. Hi Jason. Nice GSX650. I has the brake line made up by a local brake specialist who does braided lines in house. I had the line made slightly longer so I had some extra if needed. It is approximately 44cm from the centre of each banjo. Note that mine is an ABS model, so the line runs from master cylinder to the splitter under the steering head.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Who did you use to make up your new brake line? I have installed some Renthals on my Bandit which I like, but which still don't quite cut it. I still get some pain in my wrists so I reckon the barbacks may be just the ticket.