Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rear spray guard GSF1250

I was sick of getting mud and spray on my rear light and top box, so bought this.  It's sort of like a Fender Extender but for the rear.  Works perfectly!



  1. Thanks for a really interesting, well set out and useful blog.

    NT, England.

  2. Could you please take a picture from further behind? I'm sick of my mud on the top box lock too, it has been even as bad as the key won't turn. I just would like to see how the bike looks overall with the duck tail installed.

  3. Extra pics of the spray guard attached. It looks OEM and isn't noticed, but makes a huge difference when the weather is bad. Rode with an identical bike recently and hs had mud in the top box lock and mine was clean

  4. Thanx, Gone get one for next season.