Saturday, January 18, 2014

Suzuki GSF1250 diagnostic trouble codes (DTC)

Buy the Suzuki mode switch part 09930-82720

Connect it to plug under right side cover, switch on and turn on bike.  The codes below are the active (not stored) issues

-C00 no fault
C12: CKP sensor – Crankshaft Position
C13: IAP sensor (No.1) – Inlet Air Pressure
C14: TP sensor – Throttle Position
C15: ECT sensor – Engine Collant Temp
C17: IAP sensor (No.2)
C21: IAT sensor – Inlet Air Temp
C23: TO sensor – Tip Over
C24/C25/C26/C27: Ignition signal
C28: STV actuator - Secondary Throttle Valve
C29: STP sensor – Secondary Throttle Position
C31: Gear position signal
C32/C33/C34/C35: Fuel injector
C40: ISC valve – Idle Speed Control
C41: Fuel pump relay
C42: Ignition switch
C44: O2 sensor
C49: PAIR control solenoid valve
C60: Cooling fan relay
C62: EVAP purge control valve (E-33 only)

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