Friday, October 1, 2010

Sunshine at last

Finally, a sunny day.  Got out over to the Wairarapa, which takes me over the Rimutakas.  A winding, mountainous road just made for bikes.  Got to test the gel seat for a longer ride (almost 4 hrs) and it's a lot better than the standard one.  Doesn't crush down (no pies jokes, please), and I seem to sit more "in" it than "on" it.

The Bandit rode well.  Can't fault it really.

Looks like a lot of people dusted off their bikes this morning.  The Harley crew were all out in their open face helmets and black Harley uniforms.  The sports bike riders were ignoring "no passing lines", and there were a few aggressive car driver out there too.  I just wish some bike riders would be a touch more sensible, (not overtaking on blind corners over "no passing" lines might be a start) as one day we will be facing even stricter regulation of our ability to ride.

and this is where I rode it

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