Friday, October 1, 2010


I really want to make the bike stand out when commuting.  Too many SMIDSY's out there ("sorry mate, I didn't see ya").

I put some Narva Platinum H7 bulbs in.  They are a "whiter" light.  I don't think they make me see any better, but the light is more distinctive.  I also removed the small park lights either side of the headlight and replaced them with 1 watt LEDs.  They draw only 20% of the current of the bulbs they replace, but are extremely bright - almost a blue white.  I got them from:

I added some bikevis bullet lights under the fairing lower edge at the front.  They are very bright for their size.  The 4 LEDs add a "square" of light around the headlight, making it stand out a little more whilst keeping current draw minimal

Do they work?  They get noticed and cars move out of the way for me more.

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