Thursday, December 9, 2010

New levers

I was looking at a GSXR1000 the other day which had some black Pazzo style shorty levers.  They looked good.  I bought a set of shorty ones off Ebay for USD$24.90.  They arrived promptly from Hong Kong and the quality is good.  I wasn't keen on the shorty ones as my hands were a bit big, so a guy at work took them and I just got a standard length set off the same seller (Goodparts 112233).

Just fitted and they look great.  They are T6 Aluminium and look and feel like Pazzos.  Even if they wear fast, at $24.95 I can afford to go through a few sets!

You do need to swap over the cylindrical brass widget from the stock lever for the clutch master cylinder pushrod to slide into:

OK -Stop press.  If you get off your bike in a hurry to vomit (don't ask - it was viral), and in your haste knock the adjustment lever on the clutch to "1", your bike won't start, as it's just enough to not trigger the clutch interlock.  It will make you swear.  A lot.  Until you find it.  I kid you not.  Good security too!

1 comment:

  1. Hello mate, have You had the problem with lever hitting the fairing?
    I bought mine chinese levers off ebay uk which I believe are the same thing/same company/same measurements... Brake one's not too bad but clutch needs to be half pulled to make full turn. As far as I know its an MOT failure not to mention the damage if dropped :-( I really love the way they look but with above issue its not good enough.