Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tuneup time

I thought I'd do my own 18K service.  I took the day off work and:

  • Oil and filter (the removal tool is a must)
  • New plugs (old ones were OK, but what the hell)
  • Cleaned and oiled the BMC filter
  • Cleaned and oiled the chain and all the pivot points
  • Checked tyres/coolant etc
  • Balanced the throttle bodies.  There's 3 ways of doing this.  One is the bike shop using the Suzuki SDS and laptop and balancing tool.  The next is using the Suzuki test switch and a balancing tool.  (What I used).  In the absence of a switch or the SDS, you can apply vacuum to the IAP sensor (number 1) and lock the tube with vicegrips.  You can't just hook the balancer up without it, or it'll choke up and die.  The test switch method was easy.  Plug her in, turn on, start bike and let it heat until the fan comes on.  Remove fuel tank, connect the balancer (see below) to the vacuum lines and adjust to the no. 2 cylinder.  A big difference and a lot smoother.  A lot.
I bought a Morgan carbtune (62 pounds ex UK with free postage), and it was easy.  An investment worth having

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  1. Hi Kewwig,
    This is a great Blog, well done. I've just ordered the Carbtune device that you have, but not being technical minded could you tell me, or direct me to some instructions, more about the AIP valve. I don't know where it is or how to get a vacuum on it.
    Andy (