Sunday, June 12, 2011

V Strom Hand Guards

I have just fitted V Strom hand guards.   They look good, although at maximum lock touch the fairing.  You can lock the steering and still have a gap, and I don't mind as you rarely have to move the bars lock to lock.  They keep all the wind and rain off the top of the fingers, and complement hot grips keeping the underside of your hands warm.  Good for cold NZ winter riding.

I purchased the DL650 full kit off Ebay, which comes with the bar end spacers, longer screws, guards and fitting hardware.  I also bought a left hand DL1000 guard by itself (there's not a DL1000 kit as the thou comes with the hand guards from new, whilst the 650 does not).  The DL1000 left hand guard is made for a hydraulic clutch, which is pretty much identical to the Bandit's.  The DL650's is made for a cable clutch and is quite a different shape.  You can see them below (the 650 one is being held in the top of the shot).

You can probably make the 650's fit, but it wouldn't be a good fit.

The right hand guard has a modified pivot pin on which it sits.  Imagine the standard pivot with a longer thread at the bottom to take another nut and washer to "sandwich" the underside of the guard, and with a nut welded to the top, on which the guard sits with a screw going through to hold it on.

The left hand guard (for the 650) comes with a different pivot bolt as the guard is different.  This is the part that caused me a problem, as to fit the DL1000 guard, you need that pivot.  I have bodged together a couple of nuts to hold it for now, and have ordered the pivot bolt.

It is far cheaper to order the 650 kit and the DL1000 guard and pivot than to try and buy each piece separately.   If you want to do it, order the:

OEM DL650 hand guard set part number 57300-27824-291 (USD$50) - Ebay, and the rest from Alpha Sports:

OEM DL1000 hand guard part number 57541-06G10-291 (USD$19)
Screws (2) to mount the top part of the guard 09125-06118 (USD$1.53 ea)
Washers to mount under the screws (2) 09160-06130 (USD$1.13 ea)
Pivot bolt for left hand side (note that this is the part number for the DL1000 right hand pivot, which is the correct size.  The left hand one won't fit. (1) 57431-06G00 (USD$21.90)


  1. Hmmmmmmm, I gotta set of them...

  2. Well worth it in this weather

  3. Couldn't you just order the complete guard kit for the DL1000? Would that get around having to order separate parts?

    How lomg did it take you to fit it? is it difficult?

    Thank you


  4. You can't buy a kit for the DL1000. It's only listed for the 650. Takes less than an hour to fit if you have the right parts, and is easy with no real mechanical knowledge required

  5. Hi Kewwig,

    Can you comment on how much the hand guards touch the fairing? For example, if you turn to full lock, there is say 10mm difference and you would break parts getting to the full lock. Or yeah you could make full lock, just you would deform 2mm of plastic that would bounce back, etc.

    Reason being trying to decide between the Suzuki guards and something like the Touratech (which for the life of me can not find a review on).



  6. Hi Arthur

    I have since added SW Motech barbacks and a longer brake line (made locally) and the problem is solved. With the guards and standard bars, they touch the fairing edge quite firmly at full lock. You can lock the steering with light pressure between the fairing and guard, but what worried me was any fall could have hit the fairing hard and done a disproportionate amount of damage. There's not much in it and for daily riding you are probably OK, but I am picky.

    Check out my latest posts for pics:

    Rotating the bars back didn't help much as they then trap your hands between bar and tank which is another problem.

    Barbacks and a longer line aren't the cheapest option but the combination is excellent. You may also want to consider the Acerbis guards, as you have the option of LED inserts!

    Hope this helps.

  7. Great information on the handguards. I just installed the DL650 version ones on one of my 2011 US version GSX1250FA motorcycles. I was hoping Suzuki made a left side proper handguard and now I know the P/N to order, thanks to your blog. Check out my videos on youtube under redonkilaus ... I hope to add mirror extenders and the metrickmetal version highway pegs in a couple of weeks. Once I receive the correct left hand guard, I will put a note on my video. On your HID conversion ... any issues with heat or anything else?

    1. Hi James. Scott (aka Metrick Metal) makes really nice stuff and I have several items of his work on my bike. On the HID conversion, I have fitted 35W bulbs as the 55s are simply too bright and even with my headlight adjusted correctly, led to a lot of headlight flashing from oncoming cars. 35W is still very distinctive and provides far better lighting than stock. No issues with heat at all. A friend insisted I fit 75W ones to his S model and although the ballasts were a lot bigger and I think it's too bright, he has had no issues with heat.

      The best colour in my opinion is 6000K. Anything higher is too blue, and 6000k matches my LED side lights. 4300K is closer to the stock bulb in colour but looks yellow against LEDs. 4300K in theory gives the best light for our eyes as it is closer to sunlight. They are so cheap it matters little, but I recommend 35W 6000K.

  8. Great post, will be ordering from local stealer where I live near Bristol UK. I note your comments re the Acerbis guards, are they as decent a fit please ? And I guess a few pounds (or bucks !) more !

  9. I have not tried to fit Acerbis so can't offer advice. The V Strom ones look OEM and pics of the Acerbis look, well, aftermarket and Acerbis-like (unsuprisingly)

  10. Went into my local stealer today to order the parts. Promptly asked why I was not buying the hand guard Kit for the DL1000 that thy sell for £50. I said I was told they do not sell the DL1000 in kit form, told they do at the above price. Scratched my head and went away to double check on here. They also told me had sold about 30 such fits for bandits 650, 1250 etc and a common request. This is Fowlers in Bristol. Looks like thats what i will order then !

    1. Can you let me know the part number of the DL 1K kit as I will update the blog. At the time of writing there was no kit available for the thou, only the 650

  11. I have the same Oxford heated grips and DL guards on my '09 1250. Any ideas on how a throttle lock could be installed with this setup?

  12. Hi CJ. Yes - check this:

  13. I do see a DL1000 kit out there on ebay. It is listed for a 2014 model. The seller (parts depot store) has not listed a part number. It shape is different than the DL650 or DL1000's ...more boxy looking. But that gives me an idea of sticking on lights on its flat. vertical surface.
    Search for DL1000 hand guard on ebay.

  14. I went to the local dealer and talked to them. The 2014 v-storm has a new style handguard listed in the accessory book. Its part number is 57300-31850-291 Dealer wants $85 for it. I am trying to find out if it will fit my Bandit 1250SA before I order it.

  15. Dear all,
    I ordered 2015 Vstrom 1000 handguard (57300-31850-291) and I just mounted yesterday. They are just perfect.
    A bit smaller compared to the old vstrom 1000
    75 euro well paid.
    They are not touching the fairing and also no trouble with cables or the clutch oil reservoir
    The only 2 things you need to replace are the two screws to mount on top of the guard (are too short).
    I made some pictures, also comparing the old Vstrom handguards with the new one (far better).
    If you need more info, please let me know

  16. That is good news re the newer ones from a 2014 v strom. Can you enlighten me best place for longer screw. Did you get a Suzuki oe one

  17. My local dealer doesnt know anything about the hand guard kit. I want to fit these to my 2015 1250 but can't seem to find definite part numbers.