Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pilot Road 3

I fitted a Pilot Road 2 to the rear last July, and 8,000 km later it is still looking pretty good.  I ride in all weather and it sticks.  I had a Pilot Road (just the ordinary one) on the front, which has just been replaced after about 12,000 km.  It still had about 2.5 mm on it, but was wearing on one side, and the rain is here in a big way.  I was going to fit a PR2 to match the rear, but the shop only had PR3s in stock and said the 2s were getting hard to source and I'd have to wait a few weeks.

So, I now have a new Pilot Road 3 on the front, which I scrubbed in today (it's not raining for once).  The advice I had from the shop is to expect similar life to the 2, but a better wet weather tyre.  The tread pattern is quite different and acts like a squeegee.  The horizontal bands evidently force water out each side as they flex together under load.

I am normally fairly oblivious to tyre type, but the new tyre allows me to turn in faster, and is very responsive.  Almost felt like whole new suspension!  I am actually hoping for the rear to wear out so I can get one on the back (how sad is that.....)

Anyway, here is is with the odd tread pattern.  I like it.

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