Friday, November 16, 2012

Holeshot Corbin Seat on GSF1250 Bandit

Dale Walker ( teamed up with Corbin seats to make a seat to his own design.  A friend recently bought one and has loaned it to me to try.

The seat is very well made and covered with leather with a non-slip texture.  It's on a strong fibreglass reinforced synthetic base (Fibretech).  It sits about 1" (2.5 cm) lower than stock and the key thing I notice is I sit well into it and feel "in" the bike rather than "on" it.  It feels a lot harder just sitting there, but half the problem with the stock seat is that it is not supportive enough.

The front of it tapers nicely into the tank, and the sides round off so they don't dig into your legs.

I really like it.  I have a gel and a stock seat already, and this one is very nice indeed.  I'll be trying it out with a long ride tomorrow.

First pic is the Suzuki gel seat:

The rest are the Holeshot Corbin:


  1. I have a similar seat. I find it too low and panned out.

  2. Corbin, accept no substitutes!