Friday, April 13, 2012

Givi TPH02 Tanklock bag on a GSF1250

I got myself a Givi TPH02 Tanklock tank bag.  I had a Joe Rocket magnetic one but sold it as it scratched the paint.  This one has a mounting ring that bolts to the gas cap ring, and the bag clicks straight onto it in a second.  The bag never touches the tank.  The upper of the bag is a textured plastic, with a window that allows an i-Phone or similar to be displayed.  There's a removable, soft-lined tray for sunglasses and keys.

It's only 4 litres, but it's a useful size for wallets, glasses etc and it looks good on the bike.  Comes with a waterproof cover too, but looks like it would take a shower without too much drama.

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