Monday, April 30, 2012

Fitting LED high level brake light to the Givi V46

I have a Givi V46 topbox with the optional brakelight kit.  I am after greater visibility as I ride all through Wellington's winter in the usual heavy traffic.

I went to the Admore Lighting site - - and bought their LEDV46-TM (mini) kit.  This replaces the incandescent bulbs with LEDs that are permanently on and brighten with the brakes, thus mirroring what the taillight does. (USD$69).  This kit uses the standard Givi connector under the box, so there's no mucking around with wires at all.

A quite straightforward fit with good instructions.  They provide positap connectors but I soldered and heatshrunk everything.  It is definitely much brighter and well worth it to me.  They also do a kit that turns the side reflectors into indicators, but NZ doesn't allow red indicators.

Here's the kit (it's Admore's stock pic and doesn't come with a drill bit or need one):

And here's the kit with brakes off

and brakes on (the difference doesn't show as well as it does in the flesh, so to speak).  I later disconnected the permanent on tail from the top box as it was hard to tell if the brake was on or not. Works well and very conspicuous.

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