Friday, April 6, 2012

Can you fit a Givi topbox to the GSF1250 OEM side racks?

A really common question is whether or not a Givi Top box can be fitted to the GSF1250 Bandit or the GSX1250FA with the OEM side racks.  The answer?  Yes.

In brief, the OEM side racks come in two versions.  One is side cases only, and they fit the OEM Suzuki cases, which are Kappa equivalents of the Givi V35s.  This setup has two side bars, onto which the sidecase racks bolt with a joining bar across the outside of the rear mudguard.  The OEM part numbers are:
990D0-17H00-065 (side case mount), and 990D0-17H00-060 (side mount bar)

The other setup is for the Suzuki top and side case set:
990D0-17H00-065 (side case mount), and 990D0-38G05-060 (top case mount). The difference is that the side bars continue round in a "U" shape which makes the base for the top box.

I personally don't like the Suzuki top case mount as it sits too close to the passenger, does away with the grab rail, and hasn't the mount for the Givi electrical connector to get brake and tail lights to the top box (in my one, a Givi V46).

I had the Givi PLX539 side racks, which are perfectly good, but they have a funny indicator bracket which relocates the indicators beside the rear number plate light, making them too close together and they wobble around.  I never liked it.

I have the Givi FZ539 top case mount (monokey), and got myself the OEM Suzuki side case racks.  They are 50mm wider than the Givi PLX539 racks and are mounted slightly differently.  They bolt up just fine with the Givi FZ539 top case mount.

This is the full Givi setup (PLX539 and FZ539).  Check the awful indicator mounting.  The right side bolts to the exhaust mount and the left to a bolt that replaces the pin in the passenger footreats

The following pics show the FZ539 Givi top case mount with the OEM Suzuki racks.  The lower mounts go behind the passenger footpeg  mounts.  You get all the bolts, spacers, and even the blanking plates for the rear indicators. (The indicator cables go underneath the tail light).

Much better positioned indicators:

The side racks will unbolt quite quickly from the side bars if needed.


  1. I have been meaning to comment but have been busy as heck. I have the Givi side bags only and I really hate the way they mount the tail lights. THis makes me think of moving to the trunk like you have here just to solve that problem! The only other solution I can think of is making something myself out of aluminum brackets but I am not exactly a metal working expert . . .

  2. What type of bags do you have?

  3. Wgich ones sit closer to the tail givis or the OEM (overall width with the bags on)?

  4. They sit at a similar height and position, but the OEM racks sit 50 mm wider than the Givi. Even so, with bags they aren't much wider than the bars and rider

  5. Thanks for the answer. Are your bags the givi v35 or kappa k33n panniers? Are you happy with them?

  6. Givi V35s. Very happy with them. They integrate well with the lines of the bike and hold a lot of gear. Well worth the cost. I mainly use the top box for daily rides as that is even more useful!

  7. Greetings from Toronto, Canada!

    I have a 2008 Bandit 1250s and greatly enjoy your blog musings on all things Bandit. I purchased the GIVI fz539 rack for my monolock box this week after reading your posting on this matter. Question for you, did you mount the brackets in front or behind the OEM rack up top? Could not tell from your pictures.



    1. Hi George

      The Givi top box rack sits on the inside and the OEM Suzuki racks bolt on top of that. All lines up perfectly

  8. Thanks for that, I will give it a go and hopefully ditch the saddlebags for my daily commute.


  9. Hi. I very much enjoy your blog.

    I have a 2011 GSX1250FA and am replacing the OEM topcase racke with the FZ539. I'm keeping the OEM side racks.

    I'm in the process of removing the OEM side racks and I need to remove the rear turn signals. Is there a connector I'm not seeing? Under the rear fender perhaps? Or, do i just cut and splice the wires to the turn signals.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  10. The connectors are under the tool kit in the tail where the tail light connector is. Grab the wire and wiggle it and you will see. No need to cut at all

  11. Hi. Thanks for the response. Can't figure out how to access the are under the toolkit in the tail. Do I need to remove the tail?

    Also, since I'm jettisoning the OEM toprack it appears I need the side case mount bar, part number 990D0-17h00-060. Correct? Having trouble finding that part.

    Thanks again for your assistance.

  12. Yes, that is the right part number. You don't need to remove the tail. Take out the tool kit and feel around. The harness is there.

  13. Hi Kewwig,

    Thanks for your reply I found the connectors. Now waiting for the side case mount bar. Again, thanks.

  14. Good morning. So, the side case mount bar is scarce. The only place I could find that would even accept an order for the part is Of course, it's backordered.

    I expect that the mount bars come in a pair with a right and left. So, an order of (1) is actually two mount bars, Correct?

    As always, thanks.

  15. I presume so. Mine came as part of the full set, so I can't be completely sure

  16. So, thanks again for your assistance. Since I had to order the side case mount bars, I haven't remounted the rear turn signals. I like the way you route the wires under the tail light. Whoever did the install on my bike drilled holes in the fender and routed the wires through the fender. Not very elegant.

  17. Re-route them and get some rubber plugs to block the holes.

  18. Agreed.

    MC Motorsports says they can no longer get part no. 990D0-17h00-060, which is consistent with what the other retailers are saying. I found one that accepted the order, but my guess is that when they attempt to order it from Suzuki, they will cancel the order.

    I've also checked e-bay; could only find one listing and that item had been sold.

    Any suggestions on where to find 990D0-17h00-060?

    Many thanks.

  19. It appears that this rack would work, it does mount the turn signals over the license plate, but lower than does the givi side case setup.

  20. Yes. I have seen good reviews but not seen one here in New Zealand. Certainly a good option.

  21. Try an EBay search for GSX1250FA luggage mounts. Same fittings

  22. i've been searching for days for this part. I can find 99D0D0-17h00-065 but not -
    060 (side case bar mount)

  23. Contact the EBay seller and see if it's part of the rack set he's selling for the GSX1250FA

  24. Do you see any issues with mounting this sw motech rack over the givi topcase rack. looks like it should be easy to bolt on the brackets at the footrest and grab bar mounting points and on top of the topcase rack.

    I've gotten used to the look of the bike with just the givi toprack and I don't often use the panniers. so the sw-motech quick lock feature that allows for easy removal of the side racks is attractive.

  25. Not seen those racks in the flesh. Should be ok

  26. Hi Kewwig,

    I ordered the sw motech rack and, unfortunately, the mounting brackets, which are supposed to attach to the passenger footpeg brackets, do not work with the Givi FZ539 topcase rack. What a royal PITA.

    So, I guess my choices, assuming I want to keep the FZ539 topcase rack, are 1) go with the Givi sidecase rack and live with the awful placement of the turn signals or 2) keep searching for the OEM side case bar mount Suzuki part No. 99D0D0-17h00-060, which I have been unable to find.

    I would really like to use the OEM side case bar mount but that part does not seem to exist.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    I appreciated your time and expertise.



  27. Jeff, get a aecond hand set of Givi PLX539 racks and have an engineer weld a plate onto each side of the Racks in a similar position to the OEM ones and mount the inicators to those. Powdercoating or satin black spray paint will make it look good and it ahouldn't cost much

  28. Thanks for the quick reply. Much appreciated.