Friday, September 17, 2010

Bandit side cases

I thought I'd turn the Givi V35 side bags into Suzuki ones.  The only difference is a sticker, which is amazingly hard to track down.  Here's the part number: 990D0-V35SC-LOG.



Same size and a self-adhesive fit.

I also got the red inserts for the bags, and the part number is: 990D0-V35SC-YHL

An easy fit and I also put some reflective tape behind the red lenses on the bags as it makes them light up with headlights on them


  1. Looks great!

    How much are those parts (sticker, reflective tape, red inserts) and where did you order them from?

  2. Inserts are on Ebay for $60 (for the red). Search for 990D0-V35SC-YHL (or change the suffix to your code).

    The stickers are part 990D0-V35SC-LOG and $8.25 from

    Reflective tape you can buy almost anywhere. Get wide stuff and stick it onto thin plastic so you can cut one piece to shape