Friday, September 10, 2010

Why do people...

..tell me I must be mad riding a bike as they are dangerous?  I know they are dangerous, which is why I like them.  If I wanted to live without danger I'd never leave the house.  I have decided that, as Simon and Garfunkel so aptly put it, I am following the river of death downstream, so I am damn well going to do it in the boat of my choice.

If I'm not getting out of this life alive, I may as well enjoy the bits in the middle.


......change lanes and indicate while they are doing it?  I can see they are doing it as I brake with my arse clenching the seat.  It might be nice that they use that little indicator stalk to indicate their intention, not their action.  Still, it must be hard for some people to do this when they are talking on their cell phone and picking their nose.


.......follow you like they are a duckling after its mother?  I saw an advertisement once that had a pedestrian following another really closely and as the guy in front sped up, so did he.  It looked ridiculous, and the ad said something like: "looks silly?  So why do it in your car?"


.....look you in the eye at an intersection then pull out in front of you anyway?  In fact, this ad always does my head in:

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