Friday, September 17, 2010

Bloody weather

I don't know.  Every time I get to the weekend and think "there's a decent ride here somewhere", it's raining. Hard.  We are enjoying a major bad weather warning, rain, gales etc.  Riding home tonight, some breather had caused a several car pileup and the traffic was intense (at least I was on a bike and got through).  I am starting to go stir crazy.

Now the Bandit is out of warranty I am doing my own maintenance.  Basics anyway.  Oil and filter, chain, pivot points, air filter etc.  I'll leave valve clearances to the experts.  I guess I could do them, but with shim and bucket it's a hassle without a shim collection.  At least with the BMC filter on it I can wash that out, so most of the major cost items are do-able by me.  The oil's easy to do.

The bandit doesn't need much maintenance.  The scottoiler has meant that I haven't had to adjust the chain in over a year, and no signs of wear at nearly 15,000 km so far (not that I'd expect it).  The bike is literally get on and go, so my fiddling is confined to cleaning and adding bits to make it more user friendly.

More rain this weekend means I may pull off the fairing lowers and give it all a good clean and check frame bolts and other fasteners for tightness.  Then again I could just stay in bed.

Bring on summer!  Please.  Before I polish the bike to death.

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