Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fitting a Stebel Nautilus

The Stebel Nautilus is a fantastic air horn for a bike. My last 2 bikes have had them fitted and I have also assisted friends with fitting them to their bikes. They make an enormously large sound for a compact unit, and certainly make car drivers pay attention.

I have had a few people query where to fit the Stebel on the GSF1250S. The attached pics show the process.  If you remove the black fairing "inner' (the piece that Suzuki love sticking the warning label on), you will see a spare bolt hole on the front left frame downtube. Going back about 6 inches is another bolt holding a small bracket on. I use both. The way I do it is to keep the fairing on, but remove the black inner. I hold the Stebel in one hand on the left hand side, and use cardboard to get the distances and angles right. I then use steel strap.

One piece, shaped a bit like an "L" goes from the rearmost small bolt that holds a small bracket for cabling, and I bolt another piece to this "L" through to the bolt hole on the front down tube for additional strength. I have used this for 2 Bandits now, and the horn is mounted vertically and is fully out of the weather. Use Nyloc nuts or loctite.

Make sure you use a relay!
The bracket and fasteners
Looking from steering stem nut down to left

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